продажа детской одежды

Child Clothing Free

No child wardrobe goes without a child's water, a shirt or a shirt. Boys and girls have them, and they have kids and teenagers. Even a change in the year ' s time does not affect the relevance of such a convenient and comfortable tricottage T-shirt or water straw.

It is likely that they are universal, with changes in the tastes of the child, and that many different T-shirts and water straws are necessary. They can be celebratory, dressed or day-to-day. To keep up with yourself and the baby shopping for the brightest fashion and beautiful T-shirts, use ours. free cover Children ' s water (mikes, T-shirts). We've tried to provide you with the most relevant childhood samples so that you can easily fill up the wardrobe of your fast-growing kids.

It's recommended to stitch the children's water, a shirt or a t-shirt from a futer, an interlocal or a strip mall. Flis, two-litter or garlic interfaces will be suitable for warmer options.

Download the cover. for children ' s water/mikes/fots free For the appropriate size, references may be made to:

RECOMMENDATION FOR THE ELECTION OF TANKANI: Tracking of average or high distances from natural or mixture fibres.

The excavations are free from stitches!

TYPE: Lower output and lower sleeve 1.5 cm, remaining 1 cm.

1. Pole - 1 detail

2. Back - 1 detail

3. Hand - 2 details

4. Stop - 1 detail

The Council: The rabbits of tricotage towels are staggered by a special elastic or narrow zigzag line. Cut the tolerances to 0.6 - 0.8 cm when swept. The substrate is built with a double needle to preserve elasticity.


1. Bet shoulder and side cuts of the back and the shelf. Horses to mark and touch the back.

2. Square sleeves. The stitches will be tagged and persecuted.

3. Put your sleeves in a line that combines the grids. Shadows to mark and touch.

4. To mark the lower cut of the product, the lower cut of the sleeve. Get back on the intelligent side, live and build.

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