Выкройки мягких игрушек

Clothes Of Soft Toys

Как сшить мишку

Children and adults love soft toys, especially those resulting from their own creativity. Instruction " Ask how " will enable Mishka to sew Mishka with his daughter with his hands. Uncomfortable receptions and simple excretion will help in building, and stitched bears will deliver positive emotions and joy.

To sew the bear, you'll need:

  • creativity
  • Cover
  • cloth (velur, artificial mech, tricotage, barhat, plug, fter or old sweater with elastan)
  • threads, needles, scissors and pins
  • Filter (syntepon, polon, Hallofaiber, vat for soft toys...
  • Carcas wire (optional)
  • buttons or eye and nose beads.

Step 1. We're building a calcium, paper or cardboard. Closure number one is so simple that you'll paint yourself with no difficulty:

Выкройка плюшевого мишки

If you want to sew the bear from different materials or cuts of the tissue not matching the size of the bear, you can use the Extreme Bear No. 2 and seize every part of the toy body separately, then connect them:

1 part of the extract

2 part of the extract

Step 2. We're going to retrieve the excavations to the two-fold material (inside sides): rocking the fabrics, clothing, squeezing and cutting:

Step 3.Как сшить мишку We attach the details of the face inwards and extend to the wiring machine or the wing " through the edge " , 5 mm from the edge, and not forget to leave the openings (for turn on the face and filling) indicated on the excavations. Through the openings, we turn the toy on the face. If you use excavation number two, we'll sew the parts of the bear's body, then put a thick thread of the foot and head to the torso with the stitch.

Step 4. I'm putting in a wire carcass. For any soft toy, it's necessary for greater sustainability, and if you want to put a bear or change a lap position. At the same time, it's not necessary at all, sometimes it's enough to fill a toy with a filler.

How to insert a wire carcass

By deciding to put a carcass in a soft toy, use a wire in diameter between 1, 5 and 2 mm. Too thin wire can break, but the way out is to squeeze two wires of the right length between you.

Three wires, through the torso or left openings, turn in the schematic form of the toy, intertwined and wrapped hinges to prevent the flow of tissue.

Put the carcas in the stitched shapes of the bear on the following pattern:

Step 5. Now, through the left openings, you can put a bear on the filler by blowing your ears and, on the other hand, by adding more to your trousers and paws. Don't pity the filler, the tightly filled-in bear will be more handsome and breathing than it should be.

Как сшить мишку и вставить проволочный каркас Как сшить плюшевого мишку. Простая выкройка Как сшить мишку. Простая выкройка Как сшить морду и нос для мишки

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