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Covering Child Toys

Мягкая игрушка карандашница «Собачка»Nice toys with their hands. Clothes.

Each house, even the smallest, has one soft and warm toy. When and why did we buy it, why, even growing up, saving? And what's the need for toys, is it just to make the kids happy? Let's try to figure this out.

Someday, in a long time ago, mothers gave their crying children sticks, skin slices, cams. ?Мягкая игрушка карандашница «Кошка» We've got a lot of toy varieties: bright gly smoke figures, Filipino whistles, beautiful wooden brown bears and horses, straw dolls.

People's toys are beautiful, beautiful. You put any one on the shelf or in the closet, and then it's light, the party comes.

Unfortunately, toys from trees, clays, bones, stones have gradually lost their original purpose, and no children play with them. Now it's souvenirs. The toy must justify its main purpose: to teach goodness, love and friendship. Who, as a kid, didn't dream of their own puppy, hamster or bird.Мягкая игрушка карандашница «Щенок» Yeah, kids always wanted to have a little faithful friend who would wait for them after school, share all their joys and sadness, play and understand. ♪

Don't be upset if your parents don't let animals start, because you can love and wait for other creatures made by your hands.

In this section, you learn not only to do Toysbut also objects with practical application. Funny beast pencils will steal a written table of schoolgirls, furious. scale The treasures of children are not worse than the expensive handwriting lark, and the nice things will make your homeworld cozy and unlike any other.

So, let's try to create our fiction, revive the fairy tale.


So, the basic works and materials needed to make toys are known. Let's go!

Мягкая игрушка карандашница «Кролик» Мягкая игрушка карандашница «Петушок» Мягкая игрушка карандашница «Рыба» Мягкая игрушка карандашница «Черепаха»

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