простые выкройки одежды

Simple Clothing

Простые выкройки платьевSimple excavation of dresses in our collection is any taste. If you sew or just think about learning this interesting exercise, the models presented are what you need to start. 'Cause in our collection, there's a cliff of dresses of any kind, from the simplest to a little more complicated dresses, sewn up by a professional.

Take off the measures.

Простые выкройки платьевSo, where do we start, if you want to make the dress cover? Of course I did. It's best to cover the dresses of the limbs. More detailed information on how to remove the measures correctly in the section: How to remove the measures

We're counting additives.

For Simple excavations The dresses were as precise as possible, and it was necessary to define the future dress phase. ?простые выкройки платьев When you figure out what kind of dress you'd like to sew, you'd have to calculate the allowances for freedom of pleasure.

What's the allowance for freedom of leniency, and can they not be made when you're making out your dresses? The answer is not to add if you're making a dress out of an elastic tricotage, in the other cases you need to add. In more detail about the allowances for the free flow of dresses, read in section How to sew the clothes on the figure.

простые выкройки платьевWe're building a cover-up dress.

Once the steps have been taken, the additives are counted, we move directly to the construction of the cloth-based dresses. It's better to build on a millimetre paper and then take it to the calculus.

We're checking the accuracy of the corroboration.

In order to verify the accuracy of the cover bases of the dress, cut the cover and, the slices of the extraction of the pins, retrieve the tide and back of the dress around the figure. Visually assess the accuracy of the extract. If it's all right, it's an easy figure, you can go to the fason model. Otherwise, an adjustment should be made.

Grounds of dress modelling

There are some basic principles for modeling the excavation of dresses that you should see. If you understand and apply these modeling principles to cover dresses in practice, you can sew an unlimited number of dresses.

простые выкройки платьев простые выкройки платьев простые выкройки платьев простые выкройки платьев
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