Textile Toys

Cop number one "Beau"

You can see how I've prepared an excavation for myself. Through the calculus, she'd cut it out of the book and cut out every detail. Then she put it on a sheet of fat white paper. (I had Aquarel). The details that are connected to one figure are marked in letters. (A, B, B, G, D, E, Z, E) It'll be the front of our bee. They need to be removed from the different blades of tissue on the blossom. Then stitch all these parts together to get the front of the bee.

Extract No. 2. Frog.
In this excavation, I also identified the details of the rear and front of the figure. She also marked the symbols. It'll help me figure out what to connect.
Extract No. 3. Rabbit.
It's the same thing that we've moved the cloth from the book, like everyone else. This rabbit can stand on its own.
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