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Уха, рецепт ухи, как приготовить уху, как сварить уху, тройная уха, рыба для ухи, уха из живой рыбы, какую рыбу брать для ухи, что положить в уху, как сварить прозрачную уху, что добавить в уху, пряности для ухи, тройная уха, как сварит тройную уху, приготовление тройной ухиWhat fishermen didn't shout ears? Everyone knows that the ear is the main fisherman's dish, and it's often cooked on fishermen and rivers. But it's good for ears and houses, on the stove, in the usual pot. The key to making a real delicious ear is to get a good fish.

What a ear.

Wow, it's not just a fish soup. I mean, it's not a fish soup. Wow has a very small number of vegetables, opaqueness and bulon welding. And a limited number of spices. I mean, the first place in the ear is fish. Everything else is just to stress her taste.

What kind of fish to take for snatches.

The fresher the better. The best ear comes out of a living fish just caught. But not every kind of fish can be used for ears. We need the fish to be branded and soft, sweet and aromatic.

  • The best fish for the ears is skirt, corn, urch and sig, but they'll also come up with jellyfish, sazan, holave, carasis, carp, red.
  • Not suitable for snatch: dams, vein, sand, glue, wolf, tan, sis, scumbria, chef, bull.
  • Although ears are predominantly made of freshwater fish, the sea can also be used. Come on. Marine fish harvesting: track, paltus, macarus, nototens, ice fish, sea shoe.

How many sorts of fish to harvest

It is considered that at least 2 fish varieties are required to produce the right taste. But more than four, it's over. It's best to pick a little fish and a big fish. The little boy will give the bulon, and the pieces of the big fish will look beautifully in the boulone.

Receptive fish training

Before the ears are prepared, the fish should be properly prepared. All the fish have to remove the gills and touch them. You can only leave hammers and caviar.

Fresh fish are better off barging with their heads, but if the fish is small (and so good for the ears), it's easier to cut heads off than to remove the gills.

It's better not to clean the little fish. And turn it into a marble, tie it, weld it, and then retrieve it all together.

Big fish needs to be cleaned and cut to large pieces. They are often called the stars.

What do you mean?

Usually, the ears are supplemented by carrots, potatoes, bows. Vegetables either lie in the whole (smore and onions) or cut into large pieces.

Uha from living fish

That's it. The best. She doesn't need anything else, except she's a bulb. There is no need for buckles, because living fish has infinite taste, which does not need to be stressed and mitigated.

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