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Nice Snack Recipes

Куриные крылышки в хрустящем кляреDear readers! I'm giving you a prescription of very delicious chicken wings. And very undiatic. Clay, fritur, everything. But I repeat, they're delicious. So I'm suggesting that we bury ourselves carefully, and yet try them, especially deliciously, to commit this sin with some delicious macab or two. I cooked my honey BBQ sauce for these wings and a scalp sauce.

Until Friday is far away, but I've already brought you a great snack for a beer.

Сырный хворост к пивуIt's just a bomb. In hot form, he's good on his own, in cold as I do, still requires some maquila sauce based on a ketchup or a banal tar. It's only three ingredients. It's all right. So I recommend that.

August, it's time for the baccalaureate. What are we gonna do? It's been a long time since I've added new prescriptions for bucklanched caviar. I'm fixing it.

Баклажанно-перечная икраIt's not under the sunset, it's better to be fresh. You can smash her on bread, make her crypts. You can even use it as a pasta sauce. Anyway, you're gonna do this caviar as you think you need. It's about eating. Because it's delicious.

Well, that's the perfect time when we can buy some delicious, ripe tomatoes in our tough parts. Go to the market and walk the shower. And brown and malin and yellow and lazy. And the worms of all the beams, that's what I'm offering to bake the toilet. As a fix with tomatoes, we use cheese - branzas and semi-solid type of gaude. So there's no need for salt.

Well, yeah, that's one big tart, but the number of ingredients will have to be doubled.

Томатные тарталетки с сыром Свекольный хумус Полендвица Шпинатный рулет с вялеными томатами

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