Творожные печенья треугольники

Piece Of Delicious Cookies With Photos

"I will never see a balloon
The ham will never forget."

These are sad songs we, the skinny Soviet kids, sang in our time.
Still, they grew up in normal people, because not bread alone.

So, today is the third part of our Episcian action, the purpose of which is to tell the truth about what Soviet children have been feeding.

Participants almost completely changed; today ' s meals were prepared and photographed by leading life experts in the USSR - , , , , , ,

Every photograph has a lumbar signature from her author.

♪ "Silk with a bow is not just a snack to the vodka. We, the kids, loved the little fat sack too! And instead of vodka and portrait, we were often put in a morse or a competitor, so we could be mad with adults and feel serious.
I remember the butt on the plate, parents always rolled green, but now it's not under her hand, so they made a dish out of what happened."

♪ "Purchasing Soviet children didn't play much. However, a lot of people have been doing so-called " tree cakes " at home, i.e. self-propelled pseudos from manual materials and cream oil.
They were three species.
(a) "Picture" simple: white bread, moustated oil and sugar.
(b) "People" cooler: oatmeal biscuits, wet oil.
"People" is an incredibly incorrect steamer: a marble cookie, a smeared butter, and a cover on top of another anniversary cookie."

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