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Recipes Of Delicious Dolls

Traditional pastoral corn is a cylindrical form product of a sweet, breeze test, a variety of bread or cupcakes. Aside from the corn, the celebrity table has such buns, pastoral veins, baro. It's difficult to prepare, it takes time, good products and training, and the most important thing is mental calm, confidence and harmony. Example three of the most delicious pastoral corns that can be easily cooked at home.

Cousin No. 1

You'll need three kilos of flour, 150 grams of fresh breeze, litre of milk, 800 grams of good cream oil, 30 yolks, 600 grams of sugar and 500-600 grams of filler (orems, raisins, etc.).

It's gonna be corny because it's not milk, it's boiled. Three table spoons of flour need to pour a very cool boiler and then rest to the warmth. Separate lipsticks in warm milk with one sugar cane. When this mixture fits, add a welded flour to it and leave 18 to 19 hours warm.

Before this deadline, heating milk on the stove, adding sugar and oil. Then we'll get him to the state of the estimate, stunning the flour. Add yellows and scrub it up. Now this mass needs to be connected to the evapo and left for an hour.

Prepare forms and put it in every testo to fill half. When it comes again, put it in a hot oven for 180 degrees and make these out. delicious corns

Cousin No. 2

It's called the queen. It'll be good for anyone, even the most famous guest.

For 1,200 grams of flour, you're gonna need 50 grams of breeze, three glasses of cream, 15 yolks, 200 grams of oil, a couple of sugar glasses, almond plates, cardamon and muscular nuts.

First, we need to mix the breeze, a glass of warm cream and half the flour. When the opar rises, it needs to be supplemented with rubber yellow, sugar and butter, then flour, remaining creams and shredded buckles, and nuts and zucats of taste. We've got to get rid of it and knock it out and then leave it for an hour and a half.

Prepared forms need to be filled with half the test, let him go up to the top and put in the oven.

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