Кугель свекольный Вкусные

Taste Recipes For Postal Dishes

постные блюда - рецептыTake the Post with us! The cook knows a lot of postcards from the photos and is ready to share them with them. In our section of the post recipes on the Povarenca, you will find a full menu for every day of post from different dishes.

For example, for the good start of the day, you will find prescriptions for breakfasts for people who fulfill the post, for any taste, simple, easily refrigerated organisms that don't stifle it and charge energy for the whole day of work.

First. By lunch, we're offering to prepare a bedbug or fresh cabbage or a mushroom aromatic soup... Maybe you'd like to take a fresh saline with a pepper spray? First postcards and their prescriptions are at your service!

Second We recommend that we draw attention to vegetable cells, pancakes with different fixes, mushrooms, carved vegetables.

We don't forget to put light salads out of fresh vegetables on the bed menu. And as a snack after breakfast or a half-day, you can make dessert salad of fruit and berries, make ice from the fresh fruit blender.

We'll share with our readers the prescriptions of home-based post-creaming (most pie, miniature cakes, bread, pancakes...).

It's for the post to get the bread from the main corner if you've forgotten about it a long time ago, and to prepare a thick house bread that we're offering you. Here, you'll find the prescriptions for a different baking test in which the ingredients will only be planted. At the same time, the testo will please you with its wheat and taste.

In fact, many postcards don't need step-by-step photos, because they're simple, accessible, very light, and on the basis of their production. They're also the ones who have the simplest plant ingredients in them, but they also have to cook such food easily, quickly and simply.
Together with us, your postal kitchen promises to be diverse, vitamin, tasty, " prosperous " , convenience, pleasant eyes and clean-up for the whole body.

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