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Хлеб на ржаной мукеThe bread on the rusty flake bread is a traditional supplement to any dish. It can be cooked in the breeze or in the back. A mixture of rust and wheat flour shall be used as a basis. Contents:

    The leather bread is a combination of all the black breads that cries on the basis of the rust flour. In the countries of the former USSR, the consumption of this product is now 50 per cent of all bakeries. This type of baking is very useful, as it contains many cells, vitamins and micronutrients. It has a 1.5 times more iron than wheat flour.

    Preparing rust bread

    You can make bread out of rusty flour. You can use jars or squishy. The product is dripped in the oven, the cartoon or the bakery. It depends on your availability of domestic equipment. But the bread cooked in the oven also works. very good.♪ The only difference is time savings.

    Приготовление ржаного хлеба в хлебопечкеHow to make rusty bread in bread

    In the bakery, the testo is not only squeezing, but it's also rambling. This device makes it easier to keep your hands off the testo, so it's much easier to eat than in the oven. In addition, the costs of washing dishes are significantly reduced.

    To prepare an aromatic rusty booth, you need to add to the cup of bread such products:

    • 1, 5 glass of rust flour;
    • The tea spoon is shaky;
    • A spoon of olive oil or thick margarine;
    • A glass of serum;
    • Tmina tea spoon;
    • salt and sugar.

    Load all ingredients in the bakery, close the lid and put out the Reg bread. Nothing else to do. Everyone's gonna do tech for you. The test procedure is 3 hours. During this time, you'll get a delicious and aromatic booth.

    The original rusty bread was cooked without the use of the cave. Breading industries are now entering the product. It speeds up his production and makes bread cheaper.

    Приготовление ржаного хлеба в мультиваркеThe rusty bread of the house in a carpet.

    Many houses now have a cartoon. The owners use this instrument to cook not only soups and second dishes, but also to cook.

    To make rusty bread in a cartoon, prepare such products:

    • 350 Ms. rust flour;
    • a table bed of wheat flour;
    • The tea spoon of dry breezes;
    • A glass of milk;
    • the tea spoon of salt and sugar;
    • 50 g vegetable oil;
    • garlic;
    • Corinander.

    This bread is getting dark with saturated bucket taste. Make an opara for his preparation. Dry salt and sugar in warm milk, pour oil. Give me 30 minutes of fluid. Put the evapo in a pre-seclared bruise. Cut the garlic tooth and the tea spoon of the korandra.

    Put the vegetable oil on the table and put the testo on the sliding surface. Heat the cartoon cup and turn the device off. Put the bread on the table for 30 minutes. The product's fire is needed at 1 hour.

    Приготовление ржаного хлеба в духовкеIt's cool, it's hard to weigh. Don't add a lot of flour, so you'll make someone even more cool.

    How to make bread out of rusty flour in the oven.

    If you first want to bake rusty bread, prepare a testo with a wheat flour. The rust test is very causal and bad, and speeding up the process will help the wheat flour. Mix it with the rust in 1:1.

    Take a glass of serum, 20 grams of pressed beds, sugar cane. Leave the evaporate in a warm place for two hours. Put the liquid in 500 g of flour and add the cafeterine and vegetable oil. Add the tea spoon of salt and rubber garlic. Keep your breathing for two hours. Push the mass and roll the ball out of it. Spit the ball, try to make a fat lemon. Put it on the table for 40 minutes. Drink in a hot oven for 40-50 minutes.

    Despite the simplicity of the dishes, it is not always possible to make good and air bread at home. If you don't have the first bottle of coma, you need to know a few secrets:

    1. You'll have to prepare the evapo.
    2. Carefully cure the testo.
    3. Put bread in the hot oven.
    4. If you want a crusty crust, after you've had your cold-water hot bread and cover the towel.
    5. Prepare a nice dish.

    Ring bread recepts

    There are many ways of cooking rusty bread. A mixture of rust and wheat flour is usually used as a basis. The wheat flour makes it softer and smoother. Ideally, the bread from the rust flour must be cooked in the oven, but to prepare the pit more quickly, the ears are used.

    Тесто для ржаного хлеба на дрожжах Ржаной хлеб с семенами льна Пшенично-ржаной хлеб Ржаной хлеб на закваске
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