Самый вкусный и легкий рецепт

Tasty Cheesecake Recept

Классический чизкейк, пошаговый фото рецепт, кулинарный блог Let's go to dessert in my week of American recipes. And of course it's impossible to miss a dessert like a cheesecake. By the way, they say there's something like that in every culinary culture. Well, for example, in Russia, it's a trap. Yeah, yeah, she's a cheesecake woman!

We'll make the most saturated cheesecake with cream. It's like they put milk instead of cream. This texture and taste will be slightly different (more raw). So if you don't find any cream, use the substitutes.Классический чизкейк, пошаговый фото рецепт, кулинарный блог It'll be good anyway. I'll give him to Friday today, because he's like Very good.if the night is in the fridge. I mean, this is a Friday recipe for Saturday breakfast.

Don't be afraid of a large number of ingredients-- it's being prepared very simple and fast. First of all, we'll prepare a basis, sand layer.Классический чизкейк, пошаговый фото рецепт, кулинарный блог Take any sand cookies you like. White, dark, nuts, anyone.

We're gonna need half the oil that we need. And it'll even stay. I'll start with the oil. I'm doing it in the microwave, just putting oil in the mug and heating for 30 seconds.

As long as the oil is a little cold, we're making a sand powder. That's why we need to change the liver. The simplest ways are blender and meatcuts, a little more difficult to break into a box of cookies.

Классический чизкейк, пошаговый фото рецепт, кулинарный блог And now we're going to connect the powder and oil. Push him in pieces, it might not be necessary. We need to get that wet little baby, consistence, when it's still not too liquid, it's more distracted. It's very good to be guided by the color of the liver.

Now we're putting our cooking in shape. Here, I strongly recommend that we take the dime (in 20 cm) and for the simplest part, I've got the bottom of the paper, so it's easier to take it out. We've been asleep and we're getting an even layer of something flat, like the bottom of the glass. I don't like it when sandy cheesecakes have sandy too, but if you like it, just do a little more sand base and level up the brothics on the shape walls. We're taking the ready base into the fridge.

Классический чизкейк, пошаговый фото рецепт, кулинарный блог andychef.ru Классический чизкейк, пошаговый фото рецепт, кулинарный блог andychef.ru Классический чизкейк, пошаговый фото рецепт, кулинарный блог andychef.ru Классический чизкейк, пошаговый фото рецепт, кулинарный блог andychef.ru

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