уход за волосами после химии

After Chemistry

0360-se.A09.errol.london.2.jpg Within 48 hours of the vaccination, it is not advisable to wash hair, pull it out, and make hair stains fen or tigudi them. Thanks to this turf, the plug will last a long time.

Champoo, air conditioners, masks and special occupational stacks intended to care for permanent hair should be used for washing and stacking.

It is recommended that vocational medications (masks, amplahs, etc.) be used approximately twice a month to feed and moisture the enviable hair.

Since the chemistry will dry your hair further, if your hair is originally tending to dry, the treatment-wetting care after the injection for such hair should be regular! The Master will recommend that you take home care for your hair. But the nutrients can be used not earlier than the 4th wash after the vaccination procedure, when the plugs are finally fixed! For deeper and longer humidity of the cherished hair, we recommend periodic treatment of wet SPA-walls in our salons.

For dry, thin and weak hair, we recommend that the procedure for the deep re-establishment of the internal hair structure (e.g. prosthetic hair (USA), Life Hair Force (Japan) or others) be pre-empted before the introduction.

After the hair curtains, we offer Japanese SPA--after-care The PERM chemical encryption for the momental stabilization of the hair structure following the vaccination and the reinforcement of the drip. The exit is also aimed at reconstructing the hair structure after the introduction, making the locoons flexible, volume and glazing.

If the hair is long or medium, it is advisable to use a special tool to care for the ends of the hair, and to " refresh " the ends of the hair, a little stiff with their usual or hot scissors.

If the blades stay longer in shape and vigour, it's advisable to try to shorten their hair in wet condition. After we washing the hair with the chemical vaccination, we have to clean the towel carefully. Search the hair of the desirable seldom, and act immediately by the hand of a movement that shapes the horses. Don't go to bed with the wet head.

To make the chemistry look luxury, and the scroll (or locoon) is clear, alive and turbulent, the state of the end of the hair is very important. If the hair tips are planted, damaged or very dry. ♪ ♪

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