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All About Hair

Уход за наращенными волосамиThe proper care of the dried hair will help to extend the hair socks, preserve their quality and the pervasive beauty!

It's not hard to raise your hair today. The master of the salon will give your salon the desired length and volume in a small time, with a view to strengthening the roots of natural hair, preserving the silicity of the donor buckle and saving the places of attachments from damage.

Hair treatment after build: some tips

Уход за наращенными волосамиThere are no fundamental differences in the different scales. Hair care♪ There are some general recommendations that, irrespective of the method of augmentation, will help to enjoy the new hairdressing time and to preserve the bows in perfect condition.

The only important tool you can't afford to get the right hair care is a special brush from the natural cheek without the balls at the end. She's the only one who's scrubbing the plugs safely and carefully, without damaging the plug.Уход за наращенными волосами You can choose your own hair care!

1. Coastal washing

  1. The hair washing can be done immediately after the procedure of increasing any care, as our latest micro-reduction technologies would insulate it, but each washing must be cherished accordingly. Multiplicity is irrelevant because capsules are very strong;
  2. The head is recommended in a vertical position without turning;
  3. Balsams, air conditioners, masks need to be used throughout the hair length without fear of brushing the donor buckles as the anchorages are very strong.

2. Careful combing

  1. After the water procedure, cleanse the towel so that the extra vagina can be absorbed and try not to brush your hair in a wet condition, to eliminate the hair fracture in the future;
  2. Scratch your hair very carefully, starting with the tips and sticking it at the roots. So that your hair doesn't get mixed up, you do this procedure at least three times a day;
  3. Have a good read in the suburb zone;
  4. Remember, wet hair is extremely vulnerable. Wait for the folds to dry a little bit, and then cautiously sew them up.
wedding Уход за наращенными волосами
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