Кератиновое выпрямление волос:

Behind The Kerate

Рекомендации специалистов по уходу за волосами после кератинового выпрямленияIn the middle of the beautiful floor, the ceratin stitching of the hair is very popular. After that, the salmons become brilliant, healthy and strong, scrambled, and the problem of the endings is gone. In order to sustain the impact and extend it as long as possible, it is necessary to ensure that the hair is constantly correct.


Predominances of quarantine straightening

Мытье головы после кератинового выпрямленияKeratin is a squirrel that covers a hair cut in the form of small cheeks. In time, the cheeks are broken, the hair becomes thin, broke and lifeless. Direction occurs through the molecular effects of aldehyds on the hair structure, where each hair is provided with the necessary ceratin, with a thin protective film. That is why ceratin straightening is considered not only cosmetic but also treatment.

The process consists of accommodating, drying and the impact of the duck. The composition reacts with the ceratin and destroys, under heat, disulphide ties that give a hair a type of gravy.Питательная маска для сухих волос с пивом и желтком The locoons are becoming smooth and healthy, and they're doing great, heavier, straightened out, easily stowed, shaped even in the wind and rain. The impact lasts from 2 to 6 months and depends directly on how the hair will be treated after the quarantine straightening.

Hair care First 72 hours after curve

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