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Champoo Hair

Beauty and Health Care to Beauty and Hair Health Советы по уходу за волосами

The lack of volume, dry tips, shredded color, brokenness, you know these problems? With advice, you can easily get rid of all the above, and your hair will live a new life!

Hair care councils: The smaller the better.

There's one thing for washing hair. Basic ruleThe less shampoo, the better. If he's too much, he's overloading and drying his hair. So smash the tea spoon in the glass of warm water.

Hair care councils: heavy occupancy

Squeeze the shampoo, warm or cool water, because the hot drys the hair, which could lead to the perhot. It's only after that you're wearing a balm-polyser.

Hair care councils: soft dryer

Wet hair is very sensitive. If after washing them hard enough or wrapping them in a towel, they're gonna start sleeping. Council: Put a towel on your head like a turban for not more than four minutes. It absorbs the moisture.

Hair care councils: Coastal combing

After washing and pre-drying in the towel, your hair needs to be very careful (especially if you have long ones). To do that, use your haircut with big teeth or cheek with a thick natural cheek. You need to scratch them very carefully, clean up the bay, so you don't hurt the hair structure. Professional hairdressers recommend combing and gradually climbing to the mug.

Never dry your hair with a hot fen! After a towel cushion, go to the fen. The most promising phenomenon in the " hot " mode and should be kept at a distance of 15 to 20 cm from the head not exceeding 20 minutes. If you're using this, you're not gonna hurt your hair!

Hair care councils: How do you get your hair?

The volume will help not only the special cosmetics (e.g. air conditioner, volume) but also the head mini-mass. Bow to the front and for two minutes, Massill your head with your fingertips in the direction from your neck to your forehead.

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