Уход за волосами в домашних

Hair Withdrawals

кератиновое выпрямление волос фото

How does a quarantine work?

The hair is 90% keratine, a protein, which is based on simple amino acids. When the elements are built into the chain, a straight thread is formed. When a large number of connections are formed, the chain takes the form of scroll. The role of additional compounds is disulphide bridges and hydrogen communications. The basic principle of the majority of directives is the destruction of these links.

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Why do you need a quarantine hair straightening?

That would be a stupid question! To make the hair waves of nature smooth and keep the shape long without extra stitching and stitching the fen or the cliff. But it's not the only effect that gives the ceratin straightening procedure. Thinny, dense, damaged hair have a tendency to be confused during washing or to wear them dissolved. The curvatured hair is clearly easier to brush after washing and not confused during the day.

волосы после кератинового выпрямленияDifferent manufacturers also supplement their funds with different effects. Some eat their hair, making them fat and shiny, others give glitter and softness, taking off dryness and volume.

Who's got a quarantine hair straightening?

There's no evidence against the procedure. Fascinated and shredded hair, vice versa, a healthy species. And the hair in good condition from the kerate will not be destroyed, but provided the master does not regret the composition and use the quality producer. The best formulations are usually in Brazilian stamps, which is why the Brazilian quarantine hair is popular. It is important to remember that good funds cannot be cheap.

How much is the ceratin hair straightening?

The price of the procedure in the salon varies from 7 to 15,000 roubles, depending on the length and thickness of the hair. The straightening of thick hair to shoulder can be as much as the procedure for long but rare hair.

How long is the straightening effect?

Manufacturers promise to be perfectly straight hair until six months. The perseverance effect can really be between four and six months if you... do the procedure for the first time. It's happening with the accumulation of funds in the hair. The first time is one to two months, after which the effect will be gradually realized.

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