Уход за волосами в домашних

Household Hair Management Feedback

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Each type of hair requires an individual approach, especially in the case of thin rare streams. What do you do, how to give your hair the volume without overloading the hair? Councils of the experimental!

Council No. 1

It is important to choose a suitable shampoo, hair-washing drugs should not contain silicone that will have the effect of stitching and salvation. It is better to give preference to moisture and reinforcing formulations based on organic elements.

Council No. 2

The treatment of thin hair will not be costly without good treatment of the buckles. The head needs to be washed twice a week, and deep cleaning champoos will help keep freshness for a long time.

Use air-conditioners, volume-effected balms, post-washing head. Such cosmetics would create an additional amount of hair, but it was not recommended that such funds be abused.

Council No. 4

The use of masks and compressions can lead to salinization, and it is therefore best done once a month or more. It will be the most efficient posse of eggy yellow, copper or smelters, butter can be used on the ends of the hair.

Уход за тонкими волосами в домашних условияхCouncil No. 5

With a view to laying the best use of light mouses and pencils, low-fixed lac. As for the wax or gel, such products are not for this type of hair.

Council No. 6

Head washing:

Council No. 7

Special attention is paid to the brushing of the buckles, best to select wooden brushes from the natural seam, they take care of their hair and do not harm them. If the hair's mixed up, you don't have to rip their cheeks out, but you better try your hands to cut the plugs and then clean up the brush.

Council No. 8

Daily care for thin rare hairs: in winter and summer, close the streams from sun, wind, snow, rain, to protect against the influence of the Morosis. When bathing in the sea or the basin, try to wear special hats that prevent harmful contact between salin and chlorinated water.

Tongue hair care calls

Margarita, 30 years old.
When my hair began to fall, I started using masks and copper compresses, the estimate, adding to the class B vitamins. The result kept me waiting. Already through a few such procedures, debris and fallout have declined.

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