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Leaving Behind Your Hair In The Fall

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Leaving behind your hair in the fall

We don't want to continue the summer, but unfortunately, there's a fall on the threshold. Although, as stated in one song, Nature has no bad weather.

Despite the lyrical entry, this article does not deal with weather. Today, we'll talk about caring for hair, during the shift from summer to autumn.

It's a great time, you rested, you've got your strength, you've been drinking yourself "natural" vitamins, burned. But the sun, seawater, dust, is far from the best ally of the "blest move." I'm sure a lot of you have hair slipped, their ends were cut, these "non-conscious" hairs, and it's the thing that gets out of the hair. But don't be upset.

For starters, we'll calm down the half of the hair that's getting out. It has been shown that the normal daily loss is about 40 to 70 hair, the figure being increased to 120 in the fall. So in the fall. Hair care and head skins have a special place to strengthen hairy bulbs.

For starters, without regret, stay with a few centimetres of the length of your hair, better sharpen the stained pulmonary tips, first of all, it'll give you a more hideous view; second, when the cordon diet and the hairy bulb are broken, the short hair is much easier to drink.

For those who use the services of beauty salons, a good way. I will give some useful advice to those who prefer home-based care in order to save the cost of “professional” care during the crisis. Let's start with washing hair.

Leaving behind your hair in the fall: washing your hair with good use

  • First of all, disqualify from the " 2 to 1 " series, such a comprehensive care in one flakon, should be postponed to spring. Acquisition and champoo and balsam (conditioner), you can stick to one series or line. Well, now we have a huge range of shampoos, balsams, masks, etc. You shouldn't wash your hair too hot water in the cold season of the year.
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