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Leaving For Artificial Hairs

Изображение с названием Care for Synthetic Hair Step 1In some ways, caring for artificial hair is like caring for real hair. You have to wash their shampoo and use their air conditioner and brush them up and look good. But you don't have to squeeze the head of a phenomenon and stub your hair, unless the package says you can do it. Good care will help you make your hair look real.


  1. During your head wash, always use a very light shampoo. Try Dove or baby shampoo. Moving your head warm or cold water.
  2. Use a oily air conditioner for deep treatment. Do 90 percent of the air conditioner, but leave a little in your hair so they don't get confused.
  3. Don't dry the hair of the fen, or they'll get confused, and it could ruin your hair. Put your head on a towel and let your hair dry naturally.
  4. Изображение с названием Care for Synthetic Hair Step 4After the drying, take a haircut with the big teeth and brush all the knots in your hair. Now you can use a non-replaceable air-conditioner or a distracting hair-form.
  5. You can straighten your hair if it's indicated on the package that you can do it, but you need to stitch it in a low temperature mode, or your hair can hurt.


  • The treatment of artificial hair requires a lot of effort, and you have to give it enough time.
  • You can carry a haircut and a small bottle of distracting money during the day in case your hair gets mixed up.
  • If you can't paint artificially rotated hair, they should have the most appropriate hair for your color.
  • Rolled hair with a hair that's less harmful; other types of artificial hair can hurt your natural hair. Remember, if you're using brushed hair, you need to take it off before you go to sleep, or you can have a splash.
  • If you brush your hair upwards, your hair will be soaked.
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