Уход за поврежденными волосами

Leaving For Damaged Hair

Волосы, девушкаHealthy and brilliant, obedienced and easily stowed hair is every woman's dream.

But unfortunately, not every representative of a beautiful gender can brag about it. The proper care for damaged hair is the use of rehabilitative and tonic masks collected according to the type of hair. It's easy to make these masks at home. People's means will be much better for this than new ones.

Dry hair mask

For dry hair, a mask prepared from a mixture of one yellow, one cafeteria of pepper oil (which can be replaced by olive), one copper tea spoon and the same amount of cognac will be fine. All ingredients need a good mix. The mask needs to be warmed up with the tape and hold 2-3 hours. Then the hair is carefully washed with the shampoo.

Bold hair mask

For the fat hair, prepare a mixture consisting of two table beds of shrapnels and calandula flowers, add one table spoon to the bat. The mixture is flooded with 1, 5 liters of boiling, insisting half an hour, healing and sheeping hair. Normal water is required after this procedure.

Normal hair mask

The next mask will be shown for normal hair. 200 grams of the cool boiler are poured into a mixture consisting of the following grass: the Roma, one dining spoon, the same lips and snoring. The composition shall be 30 minutes, restrain and add liquid vitamins A and E (mass), B1 and B12. Add the crust of rusty bread to this liquid. When you've been out for a quarter of an hour, put a mixture on your hair, put a tape down and leave an hour and a half. Smash the stream water mask.

Light and dark hair masks

The next stalemate will fit for light hair. There's three quarters of a glass of vodka on the cafeteria. The mixture obtained is to pour into a bottle of dark glass and to leave it in a warm dark place. To shake every day. Two weeks later, the stands will be ready. Proceed it through the marble, deposit the solvent into a clean bottle and close the sample. The skin of the head needs to be wiped with a soft cheek slurped in this stack twice a week. It's better to do that for the night.

For the dark hair, a chmel chef will be used after each head wash. We've got to mix it up on the mountain of the chmel and the tattoo. Lift the grass with a litre of water, boil for 20 minutes, then heal and chill.

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