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Leaving For Normal Hair

Нормальные волосыNormal hair In the first place, not only the health of the hairstone, but also the good condition of the whole body. The locoons of this type, even without any action or laying, are almost always similar, and they are beautiful and healthy.

Normal hair is stubborn and elastic, it almost doesn't sew, break or electricity, medium wheat, normally scratched, both dry and wet, and well served different kinds of laying. The shape of the bay always looks alive and healthy, and so does it feel like it.

Normally, normal hair starts to be dirty before 3-4 days after washing, but even they don't look as unsound as, like, fat hair

It is accepted that normal hair care does not require certain efforts. And it may be, to some extent, but on the other hand, the lack of care, or the wrong care may lead to an exhaustion or, on the contrary, to an increased fatty of the hair.

Therefore, if you are a happy owner of normal and healthy hair, take note of some recommendations concerning their care:

It is not recommended to wash the head too often, as it contributes to the destruction of the natural protective layer of the hairstyle, which can lead to the loss of its elasticity, fracture and sequencing.

But on the other hand, if you live in big cities where, as the environment knows, the environment is not very happy with its purity, the locoons can be polluted very quickly. And that's not surprising, because they have a characteristic, like a sponge to absorb all the mud, dust, and various smells, which also affects their condition. And walk with a dirty head, agree, not really nice.

That's why our recommendation says so, my head as the hair is polluted.

With regard to the choice of a shampoo to care for normal hair, try to select such cleaning materials that are specifically designed for this type of buckle. Universal shampoos are also well suited (for all types of hair). By the way, it's advisable to use these shampoos just when they're caring for normal and mixed hair, because they're very rare for the others.

Well, if you're washing your head pretty often, you better use the soft shampoos recommended for daily use.

Don't forget the lungs. wet balsams, air conditioners and landslierswhich must again be specially designed for a normal type of hair. Try to use them every time we wash your head with a shampoo to prevent the buckle from being drained and provide them with additional humidity.

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