Окрашивание волос в яркие

Leaving For Painted Hair

Beauty and Health Care to Beauty and Hair Health Уход за окрашенными волосами

When we paint our hair, their appearance improves right away, they bleed, they lay good, and they look fabulous, like ads. Well, if everything was so beautiful, but unfortunately, it's rare. Most often hair-decorated problems It's starting in a week: the hair's getting confused, it's getting hard to brush, and it's not too smooth, and sometimes it just reminds the salt, it's like the same ad...

What do you mean, paint your hair every week or not paint at all? How do you avoid frustration and make hair look pretty long, and the most important thing is healthy and strong?

When there is a process of decorating hair, the red formulations cause certain chemical reactions that are not very good for the hair. Most paints ammonia, which makes hair cuts open so the pigment can penetrate. It is clear that the structure of the hair is catastrophicly disturbed, and the hair is losing moisture, dripping and dehydrated.

How does the paint hurt your hair?

How much dye can hurt your hair? The longer the chemical reaction of the decoration lasts, the more the hair is damaged. That is why it is the hardest test for them: the cheeks are undone, and the natural hair is destroyed.

If we use a high-quality air conditioner (or salon) to neutralize the painter, the cheeks will be glued and the hair will be bright and shiny.

In a few days, however, we have to wash our head again, and our hair is acting like damaged and what else? Cheshuki's re-creaming, they're starting to blur the painter, and every time, day after day.

Of course, there's an alternative. It's a pathetic decoration of the hair that makes it impossible to use ammonia. But it's a way to dye the hair either very expensive or short. In the second case, painters are used without ammonia, but less resistant, and it is not always possible to achieve the desired shade of hair. And even if you can paint your hair in a nice way, they still need special protection and care.

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