Уход за пористыми волосами

Leaving For Porous Hairs

Hello, esteemed Feshionchans!

Many girls faced a problem such as secular tips, dry and skinny hair, and high humidity watched hair become pussy. The reason for this is hanging hair void.

The structure of our hair consists of the outer layer, the kutikula, the inner, the cortex and the heart, the coppers.

The kutikula performs a protective function, it consists of a lot of cheeks and looks like a turtle. The hair cut depends on how tight the cheeks lie to each other. If the bruises don't lie and are open, they're porous.

The cracks don't really protect the internal layer of hair, and it triggers the fracture and the cone. The hair of such a structure is absorbed as a sponge of smell, chemical elements and moisture. But the vagina evaporates very quickly from porous hair, and they become very dry and tight.

Reasons for elevated hair porosity

The main reason for bruising is the unfavourable effect on hair: multiple hair colouring, hot fen, thyps, cliffs, hair slicks, sun, freeze and rigid water in which the hair is washed.

The hair's heightened frustration comes from nature, usually it's brown or wavelength hair.

The rhetoric structure of the absorbed hair is a feature of its growth. First, the hairy follicles themselves are inclined or bending. And secondly, human hair is growing through the formation of new cells, and if new hairs are equitably formed from all directions, the hair of the cells is unevenly divided: on the one hand, more cells are formed than on the other, with a large number of cells wrapping on the different sides of the hair, which makes hair growing first in one direction and then in the other. So the hair cut is bending and leaves more open bruises.

So, the heightened flaw of the hair comes from nature or comes from the effects of adverse factors, in both cases a special one is required. hair care♪ It must be understood that damaged porous hair can be rebuilt and restored to them the glued and glitter, even as simple as cutting damaged ends. But the proprietors of porous hair can't make their hair straight and smooth, but give them a healthy and similar species under each power!

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