Мастер-класс Натуральный уход

Natural Hair Care


What's good? Avocados are known to be the fatest of all existing plant products. Avocado burial can provide nutrient skin and save it from dryness - avocado is considered to be an excellent moisture. Avocado is still useful in the presence of vitamin, A - it is necessary for the formation of cells that update the skin. But the vitamin, and the "work" needs fat, and it's just enough for avocado.

How? The avocado flesh, transformed into a potassium, may become a useful mask for the face. Avocado in this form can be added a spoon of cream and egg yellow and then mixed up.уход за кожей натуральными средствами The mask moistures the skin, removes the inflammation and annoyance (if any), ensures the default effect - the skin will at least become more stiff.

Olive oil

What's good? Since ancient times, this oil is not only used in food but also used in caring for itself, in both cases the product is a rich source of vitamins. A and E, together, are particularly useful in caring for hair in the home, moisting them, providing them with strength, glitter and a beautiful, healthy species. The butter skin of the olives saves the dryness, mitigates, and also gradually produces anti-age effects.

How? The olive butter as a hair mask is a favourite SOS-bearing model: when hair becomes dry and broken after many paints, hot stacks, styling glue, saving the fertilization of that oil. Girls put it on the roots of their hair, as well as dry tips.


What is it? Med is another store of useful substances, including vitamins of groups B, iron, potassium, magic, iodine, zinc, manganese and many others. The skin is undeniably needed, but honey not only saturates it with useful substances, but also helps moisture the skin (and for a long time), cleans it, and protects it from UV radiation through antioxidants.

How? For home care for the skin, in the face masks. By laughing honey with egg yellow, you'll get a great mask. natural hair carethat's gonna make you happy with your reinstatement.

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