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Beauty and Health Watching the body Лечебные, народные маски для волос. Народные рецепты масок для волос. Как ухаживать за волосами дома. Питательные домашние маски для волос

Hair masks. House masks

If you still prefer champoos from the producer, then in front of everyone's head wash the mask's hair, which will help them regain their strength, and then, then, bury your hair with a weed that will give them silk glitter. The schampuns of the people ' s cosmetics are both masks, as they are completely natural. As for the masks directly, they are recommended to all, not only to those who have hair problems. To feel the effect of masks, it must be done at least once a week for 1-2 months. You don't have to make a variety of masks, you'd better pick one, go ahead and try others.

The components may be added to the household hair mask. For greasy hair, for example, good lemon juice and mustard, for dry, olive and castor oil. You can add lemon oils, pychts, ilang-ilang and others to the mask.

Our website has extensive natural mask recipes for different types of hair. We're offering you recipes for natural hair masks, whose composition is rubbed in a head skin about half an hour before we washing. It's advisable to make a warm head sniff, especially if the hair swells.

Iron, oily, hair mask
1-2 yellow (without film) mix with 1-2 stacks of olive or corn oil and 1-2 stacks of cognac, increasing blood flow to the skin surface. Put a blend on the head and hair skin and how to blend your head. Put on a 40-50-minute stubble cap, then clean the mask with normal shampoo or egg yellow, and then rinse the hair with a wet stick or a mint.

Chicken mask with rum

To laugh 1st box of castor oil and 1 Roma dining spoon, to wipe the blended head an hour before washing.

Blond hair mask with ribs

Prepare a mixture consisting of 1 part of the cognac, 4 parts of the juice of the beetle, 6 parts of the root of the painter. Put her in the skin two hours before washing. It is recommended that such a mask be 2-3 times a week.

Flap mask for hair

Three table spoons of corn juice washed in the roots of the hair 1-2 times a week. The head is to bite a towel, to hold two hours and then to wash a shampoo.

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