Types Of Hair Care

Типы и виды волос. Нормальные, жирные, сухие и смешанные волосы - уход за разными типами волос

Types and types of hair - Normal, fat, dry and mixed hair

On the shampoo, we often see the inscription that they are meant for normal or dry or fat hair. There are four types of hair: normal, fat, dry and mixed. Rigid hair Due to the reinforced work of the steel, which is close to the hair follic. The skin salon is spread all over the hair surface, covering it with film. And the filth and dust are poured faster to the footage. Consequently, fat hair needs to be washed more often than dry to reduce the excess gland activity.

Dry hair Fragile, naughty, slowly losing their color and chastity. Frequently, dry hair produces feather. Dry hair needs to be systematically equated to remove the secluded ends, otherwise they are separated further by an unhealthy species.

Skin and hair are often different: head skin is too fat, while hair is dry. It's because of too much washing, which dehydrates hair. When skin and hair are dry, treatment is recommended for warm vegetable oil. The oil covers the whole surface of the skin and hair without evaporation of the water, thereby restoring natural humidity. The underground olive oil washed into the base of the hair, then the head was bitten by a towel, and in an hour oil washed. Dry hair needs to be protected from the sun by the head cleaners, because from ultraviolet beams, they become rubber and lose their color.

Mixed hair is fat at the base but dry and fractured at the ends. This may be the result of unnecessary old-fashioned washing, as well as the wrong champoo selection.

Normal hair - how to treat normal hair properly.

Normal hair needs to be washed once a week with soft water. There's not much hair in the rigid water. When you wash your head with your fingers. Light hair needs to be swept from the rum: 2 table spoons of the plant pour 1 litre of water and five minutes. It is recommended that the hair be swamped with tea: 2 table spoons of tea pour 1 litres of water and five minutes. It is also possible to use a chmel weld: 2 chmel table spoons and 2 tatar spoons tilt 1 lit water, 20 minutes whipped, then healed and cooled.

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