для омоложения кожи лица:

Famine The Face Of The Video

In 6 minutes, it's clear how to rejuvenate the face, get the skin back fresh and tight.
For one procedure, the sprays were significantly reduced, the chin was tightened and the sharks were lifted.
In other words, the triangle of youth returned to his face, the top of which is looking down.
The procedure is almost painless, which even the patient says.

Cost of procedure

The price includes two Fillers
Juvederm Voluma 1ml - 15000r (for syringes)
And a botox at 300r per unit.

Photo before and after lifting

Фото до и после инъекций

In two weeks, the effect will be even more visible, as the botox and hyalulonic acid will finally act on water, which will yield even greater brating effect.

Other videos

Rf-lifting, radiowave brathing (issue No. 22)
This video shows RF or how
It's also called radio wave brathing,
This procedure is intended to be lengthy. on the face

Mobility of body (issue No. 23)
There is a very effective procedure.
mestimation of the body in which it is possible
and effectively clean up the figure

Non-operational, injecting bléfaroplasics (issue No. 24)
New procedure in cosmetology, until recently, to bring up centuries.
or get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes,
Could only help surgery.

Increase in lips, French lips (issue No. 25)
Rapidly and painlessly increased lips

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