Омоложение лица

Famine Your Face 50

Как омолодить кожу лица после 5050 years is mature and beautiful. Except they're smashing the mood of a wrinkle around their eyes and lips, smearing skin, eye-breathing. And how you want to be young and beautiful, like in 30, with the wisdom and experience of your age.

Many believe that after 50 age changes are already irreversible. But you can fight age on skin. And it's real. All you have to do is keep your skin alive and well and regularly.

A large number of anti-age programmes have been developed in beauty salons. Laser shelf, mestherapy, radiolithing pulls his faces, disappears his bags under his eyes, breaks his wrinkles. These procedures should be regular.

In addition, nutrition affects skin condition. I'd rather delete coffee from my menu, sharp, salty, diggers. We need a lot of drinks, clean water, weeds, at least one and two litres a day. It's important to observe the regime of the day, to wake up, to moderate sports, to walk in fresh air.

under skin You need to take care of your face every day. The main stages of the care programme are:

1. Cleaning. Over the years, the lipid layer of leather is falling, the water and soap are drying it even more. It is better to use the stems of leps, Roma, a roadblock or special cosmetics. After being washed, the face washed with ice cubes. They're cooking them, freezing the grass and the grass. That's a great skin tone. Tonics prepared on their own can be used to clean up. For example, juice of cucumber and aloe in equal proportions.

2. Massage. Before creaming, it is advisable to mass the face, carefully and mildly by two fingers, from the forehead to the chin. We need to try to move on the massage lines. Then you can cream on your face.

3. Nutrition. Wetting, nutritious and lyphthing creams appropriate to age should be used in mature age. The face is also lubricated with fat cream.

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