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Recipe Your Face

Молочная сыворотка для лицаHow can a dairy serum make a face's skin? Find out how to do it in the home, as well as cosmetology prescriptions: lotions, pilings and masks. Unfortunately, any organism is getting old. Every year, looking in the mirror, you see more wrinkles on your face. Can ageing be stopped? I can. There are several ways. Someone walks into expensive salons, someone naturally produces domestic masks. For example, it's very good for leather serum for a face.

The product itself is a serum of milk and has many micronutrients. Make it simple, and the result is smooth wet skin and fresh face color. The main element of the product is water. It's 94% of the main volume. In the remaining 6 per cent white, milk sugar, lactosis, fat, bacteria and vitamins.

A dairy skin serum is a strong oxidant. Amino acids, which prevent ageing, are not produced by themselves. We can get them with food or skin.

Cosmetics based on serum are used in salons and are costly. They're all possible lotions, snacks and pilings, tonics, masks, etc. For this product, which is easily produced householdThere's no point in overpaying the same effect. They're making it out of the cabin in minutes. The product will be entirely natural and will preserve all useful substances contributing to the updating of each cell. There's one more plus: the dairy serum just prepared at home is immediately used to preserve all micronutrients. It's very useful to anyone who's been 30 years old.

Как приготовить молочную сывороткуIn addition to the age limit (reducing ageing and decaying wrinkles), there are further recommendations for application: increased fatty or combined skin type. It is used as a cleaning tool, reduces the pores, removes black points, feeds.

With caution, the means are used in the wounds and damage to the skin. He's not wearing a leather eye, and he's in the eye.

All the useful properties of the dairy serum

The first thing that really makes a dairy serum for a popular person is a rejuvenation effect.

By 100 per cent, the natural and freshly prepared product will purify the deep skin so that the deepest and most stubborn diapers will be illuminated. That's what's waiting for the pigment stains. In a few ways, the darkness simply disappears. You can also get rid of the strong springs and not fear more sunlight. Except for stains, she can cure sunburns, repair her skin after damage.

Dairy serum is universal. Clears, silences, lights and feeds. Using it regularly, at least two weeks, increases skin tonus (turgo) and loses fat glazing.

How to make a dairy serum

To get a serum from the dairy product, it's better not to use heat treatment. There's a better way for cosmetics. If you already have a kefier in the fridge, no matter how polyethylene, plastic or cardboard, move it to the freezer. After the kefier has been drilled, put it on a small syto or multiple layers.

That kind of trick allows a great creativity, soft and elastic, and a fresh serum. All vitamins and useful substances on the ground.

People's prescriptions from the dairy serum for the skin

As has already been said, the way in which the dairy serum is prepared is simple. After it, this cosmetic means no longer requires additional processing. In other words, all your skin will bring is youth. We'll learn to use it properly to care for a person in a home environment and to train them for appropriate care.

To prepare the skin for nutritious procedures, she's being cleaned. That's what they do with the serum in this case:

  1. Cleaning a face with a serum just as simple as the other purchased lotion, taking a vat disk, washing it and processing skin. The best result is not just a retracted serum, but a warm one.
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