Омоложение лица после 40

Upgrade The Face After 40

The first thing that comes to the head and that the feedback is advice when there is a desire to quickly rejuvenate the face, with no extra trouble, in the home, is to use the ready means: creams, masks, etc. Well, it's a good way, because it saves power and time, any problem is easier to prevent than to eliminate the consequences. Women ' s care arsenal should therefore be a mandatory set of funds that should be used regularly after 40 years. These include:

  • cleaning materials. This group can include a variety of heliums and foams for washing, they're picking up by skin type. But in order to quickly rejuvenate and refresh the skin of the face in the home, attention should be paid to the pilings. After 40, it's good to use chemical pilings with ANA acids. Their choice should be stopped by the means of proven, well-established producers;
  • nutrients. After 40, it's harder to be silent. At home, it is best to systematically use cream that helps to slow ageing. These are nutrient bereavement creams and vitamin masks, antioxidants for a person who is very comfortable in the house;
  • protective equipmentпервые признаки старения кожи The sun is the main enemy of the leather, so early years have to be used as a special cosmetics containing UV filters. After 40, the protection should be at least 20. The use of these funds takes a year round every day.

In addition to systematic care, the use of " magical " remorse means can be used from time to time, which will help to make the face bright and young at home. It's about serums. The specificity of these drugs is that they contain useful substances in concentrated doses, which is why they operate so strongly and quickly.

They can be applied in courses, usually 7 to 14 days or once, in emergency cases. Another miracle tool that can easily be used at home is hydrogelic patches. These are made up of spectacles, collagen, hyalulonic acid, and they allow for the rapid introduction of the face into shape.

People ' s means: pray quickly to face skin in the home

The most common method of home care is masks. There are many prescriptions of different procedures for the rejuvenation and recovery of the skin of a person in the home. All convoys can be divided into groups according to the main ingredients.

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