прорисовка стрелок

Perfect Makeup Rules

1. Training

Spray-sprayed the whole face and put a wet primer in the area under the eyes. I recommend Primer Water and Photo Finish.

2. Perfect tone

Elevate skin tone with BB or SS cram and use the BB-cram for the eye area. If necessary, I'm very fond of Photo Filter.

3. Conturbation

Stress the natural calibre of the person through a step-by-step set to contour Kit or a new set of cream pencils to contour Stick Trio. They have instructions, you can do it!

4. Eyes

Brow Tech To Go. Then put up the stiff silicon shadows Limitless shade Quartz for the whole century and grow up. Give a clear line to the black gel underwater. Complete the makeup with two layers of carcase.

5. Lips and snacks

In order to add a blue image, take a multifunctional cheek and lip L.A. Lights shade Silver Lake Sunset. Put it on the snacks and the lips. In the evening, add the mattrimony of the Be Legendary in the shade of Femme Fatale Matte or Fireball Matte, and makeup will become brighter and solemn.

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