Основные оттенки и правила

Red Pomato Rules

Соблазнительная красная помадаThe value system of girls, girls and women on this planet will vary according to hundreds of factors, but the absolute majority of the inhabitants of Europe, Asia, both Americas, Australia, parts of Africa and... will you allow us to ignore the islands and archipelagos on this list? ... somewhere in the first honorary 20 is the ideal Red Pomada! It is with this intonation and breathing, if the girl has already found her, and with light frustration and disrespect in the voice, if the search is still ongoing. What do you really need to know about the magic weapon of enthusiasm and naval battle? Here's some rules and a little tip:

(a) Yes, the red lipstick is really in the face of any woman on this planet. Recently, not only the age and colour of the skin, but even the sex of the woman. Red lipstick suits everyone, is the best answer to the sacral "who's going red lipstick?" But yes, the shades will have to be picked, and it's likely that it won't happen soon enough.

(b) The perfect escort of the red lipstick when it comes to the evening makeup is considered:

  1. Surface skinthe necks and areas of decolte, completely deficient. Math candle, such a precious pearl, is achievable to many layers of makeup.
  2. The bloodstreams are clear, very natural, with dense, sobriety, and necessarily suitable shape and colour. It's about the friq versions where the eyebrows are similar to the coketuous geese schters, we'll talk in case.
  3. The carcase on the eyelashes and the eyelashes are all possible if it looks natural or almost natural. We remember that a thick-black gutalynic carcase is allowed either up to 20 years or to burn brunettes or Lady Gaga and fans. All others choose dark-sirty, dark brown, plum-serry, etc.
  4. We'll leave a choice to your discretion. Remind me of the fact that the verbs in the mugs are wearing gothy-dramatic characters and ladies for 70 who don't complain about dashing.
  5. The shadows for the century are the most sniff version, the venom-cary gamma.

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