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Right Makeup Rules

Basic Maquia rules

It's an art to paint your face right. Most importantly in this process is not the amount of time spent and the availability of elite cosmetics. It is important to know the characteristics of his face, to have the skills of maquilacing, to feel the measure and the style.
There's no point in following fashion trends if your face doesn't make it more attractive.

Your makeup must correspond not only to the shade of the skin and shape of the face, but also to the time of the day, as well as to the purpose of the event.

It's a stupid tone to come to the office with the evening weather, and in the midnight of the nightclub, no one will notice the actual makeup.
девушка, макияж, женщина, лицо Your future husband's mother won't appreciate the aloma lipstick, but at the theatrical premiere she'll be very fit.

Natural makeup

Visageists rightly believe that the perfect face is a face, looking at which there are no indications of how many cosmetics are on it.
The so-called natural or natural makeup is therefore very popular among stilists, celebrities and ordinary people. Such a makeup allows a person to be visually younger, which is particularly relevant given the modern culture of youth.

So, Natural makeup classic - This is a light thin basis, as close as possible to the tone of your skin; masquire means (if necessary); semi-transparent bullet; grey or brown carcases ( Eastern type brunettes can afford black); natural shades of pencils for eyebrows (and the most natural line of eyebrows); light rubbers of grazing grazing shades in small quantities;

If you want to highlight your eyes, you've got the shadows of the dangerous shades. The line of eyes can be painted with a pencil or a shadow of gray and brown colour.
Learn to make such a makeup is much easier than, for example, to paint a tactical arrow.

Where's Ophis, Schöpping, Child Walking, Lunch with Parents
When: Morning, day

стрелки, макияж, лицо, девушкаSexual makeup: three options

Natural makeup can be easily changed to more bright and sexy as soon as the time of the day changes and the reason for it.
Visagers have traditionally not recommended two bright accents: or lips or eyes. Otherwise, the whole image will be “coloured” and too bright.

(1) Smoky eyes - mysterious
The creation of smoked eyes is accessible to all and fast enough. She needs shadows, cords and pencils of matts.

девушка, глаза, макияж, Smoky eyes девушка, макияж, помада, красная помада, сердце, конфета

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