Как сделать дневной макияж-2

The Rules Of The Day Makeup Look Perfect

To look fresh and natural in the day, learn how to make everyday makeup. Find out the basic rules and secrets.

Day makeup bases

Every respectable girl should know the basis of the day makeup. There's a few of them, we'll look separately.

Ton of face

Comparing the tone of the face is the first and most important stage in the creation of a day-to-day meke-apa, because even the gray or yellow-haired skin shades are not so attractive, and the whole image will be ruined.

So, how do you create the perfect tone of your face?

  1. Light day wet cream. Yeah, it's up to him to start, 'cause the wet and food-proof skin will have a thin basis more sharply, and the face will look restless and fresh. You'll have to put the device in motion and wait until it's fully absorbed.
  2. Now, start with the thinning cream. It's very and very important to choose his right shade, because if he's wrong, there's a mask effect, and the face will look unnatural or even ridiculous. Recognize the colour of the skin: the tone must be fully appropriate. Make the composition of the lung movements all over the face.
  3. It's time to rectify the shortcomings. It's important because in daylight, any defect is very visible. Use the consignor for correction. Bring him to the exact spots. Use that slice and don't forget to drip the tone.
  4. If you want the face to be shiny and look fresh, use the hack. But don't overdo it, otherwise you'll create a fat glazing effect, and the makeup won't be as natural as it should be. Slightly highlight only certain areas, especially those speaking, i.e., boreholes, nose back. It will also help conceal small mimical wrinkles.
  5. If you have an excessively fat skin, the end of the bar is to have a bullet. But the layer must be very delicate, practically invisible.


Should we use the rumian to create a day makeup? It is, but only if you have pale skin or you want to adjust your face's shape. For example, if it seems to you too round, or the cheeks are fuzzy, you're going to put the rumian on the line of the cheek and brush them softly, and then you're going to have to go out and become more sophisticated and feminine.

Important: The rumians used to create a day-to-day meke-apa must not be bright, or the naturally healthy Romanian will become ridiculous.

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