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Natural Cosmetics Of Feedback

9240de_aa134e0e346d4739b29f5e88e993db89-mv2I've been honestly protesting some of the Spirakka cosmetics and sharing my impressions and recommendations with you!

I remind you, it's advisable to test leather for about a month (28 days -- cell renewal cycle) to make sense of the real effect and understand how cosmetics work. In my EcoBlog, I follow this principle. I also pay great attention to the nature of the compositions. Look at the video:

LOS: OUTLINE I honestly protested several Spirakka space tools and shared my impressions and recommendations with you!

The list of my recommendations is as follows:
♪ The hydrophile oil to remove the cosmetics from the eye-- it's done great even with the water resistant pencils, not to mention tone, shadows and carcases! I've tried different natural oils (i.e. hydrophile) and other purification, but it's the oil that's handling the task more quickly and carefully.

♪ Organic hydrolatant roses (colour water of roses) instead of tonic. It's a great thing, it gives humidity and comfort. He's really organic-- to me, the warrior with the Grinvoseng, gave me a real certificate! The mark has an inorganic hydrolat, a less saturated smell, as I thought.

♪ The berry scrub for the body is a real skin taster, if you want to spoil yourself and get caught in pleasure!

♪ Shi's oil, no additives, basic butter. It's an emergency tool for skin mitigation, irritating, eating, massage, etc. There's no smell, it's good for both women and men and children.

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