Этапы развития отношений между

Gender Relations

Этапы отношений мужчины и женщиныStrong relationships and mutual love are not the static condition of two unchangeable people. This psychological and spiritual ecstasy, which begins in the extat of attractiveness, moves forward on the path of self-identification and reaches culmination at the time of the establishment of a close, happy and long-term union. Harville Hendrix.

To be in a relationship and to think that life will go through the euphoria of the honeymoon or the idillic, romantic love of the very first period is like hurting the child for being through natural crisis stages of adulthood.

We get the opportunity to get closer and heal each other's childhood wounds.

Look for a solution to the dialogue, be ready for change. Report your decision, whatever it is with love, not with anger.

The couples who break up definitively during this period without holding up the struggle of self-reliance were in fact required to change the pace of relations rather than change partners.

The next five steps towards true love and a strong relationship in the second part of article - Stadium (repeople) of relations on the road to true mutual love (for the reference to the article, see below)

(The article used materials from the "Create, Don't Destruct" of the B.I.Wail Family Psychotherapist.

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