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How To Make A Relationship With A Man

Как наладить отношения с мужем: 7 простых секретовHello, esteemed readers of the Blog of the Sampen Bloom.

"I don't know how to make a relationship with my husband. He often claims to me that he doesn't understand me and plays stupid. After work, it's in itself, you can't get a word out of it. I try to talk to him more because I think it's important to communicate, but he's more interested in online games. It's just like a little one, and you put your finger in your iPhone. I told him he was more interested than me, and he was offended. I don't know how to improve my relationship with my loved one anymore. He writes Svetlan.

"Let me tell you how to deal with your husband? I said we should discuss our problems. He was astonished at all, said, "I thought we had a happy relationship and you were all happy." I'm out of my way, and I've all told him that I'm bored. He just got his hands together and said, "Why are you just telling me this now?" It was my fault! Now he's avoiding communication. Maybe I don't know how to communicate with a man. He writes Julia.

Как наладить отношения с мужем: дайте ему время на отдыхWhat is marriage and a man And for what reason a man walks away from communicating, look nuclei here.

And today, I've prepared seven simple secrets for you that will help you behave properly with a man.

1. My husband can't read your mind.

Have you ever seen a man and a woman in a hot fight? A man is standing with an obsessed face, scattering his hands, raising his eyebrows, looking surprised.

What are you talking about? I don't understand!

It's a description of a man who sincerely doesn't know what's going on, and he has no idea.

Usually, a woman feels injured and insulted here. She feels like a man pretends to be a jerk, or he's just a "sensitive jerk." But most often, he doesn't know what it is, especially if it's a dispute and a disagreement. If he looks surprised, there's a possibility that he's really surprised and misunderstood what you want from him.

Some men find it difficult to communicate and understand women when there is no concise and clear language. Men are very annoying when they see a woman upset and want to bring something to them, but they can't figure out what it is.

2. Give your husband time for himself.

After work, a man wants to come home, to his fortress, relax, rest. But the first thing he often encounters at home is his attention, his invasion of his personal space.

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