Рак в сексе

Male Raki

Изображение с названием Date a Cancer Step 1

Part 1 of 3: Find common language

  1. If you want to impress someone, that sign is for you. Raki women are often waiting for a prince on a white horse. They love romance, love spending a lot of time with their second half, and appreciate when someone openly takes care of them. Men Raki are also romantic and charming, and they like to give women gifts and speeches, and although they often find it difficult to take important steps in relations, they are irreparable romantics.
    • It's important to demonize your serious intentions. So if you were interested in Rack, don't slow down, this relationship will be worth it.
  2. Find a better cancer. Raki's very careful, so you need to get a closer look before you build a close relationship. First, get Raku a good friend, and gradually he or she will consider something more.
    • Missiles have tactile contact. Please contact your chosen person or chosen woman, hug yourself more frequently, and by any other means demonstrate your attachment - the Racks are necessary.Изображение с названием Date a Cancer Step 2 Grab them in your arms, and they'll reciprocate.
  3. Take the first step. If you're a girl, don't be afraid to take the first initiative instead of waiting for her from a man. If you're a guy, you know, she might need more time than you to be ready for a kiss. Doesn't mean she doesn't like you-- she just needs to get out of her sink first.
    • Don't ever ask Ricks out in front of other people because it'll make them nervous. Always make a date alone. Make a date easy and fascinating, that is, don't think of anything that's gonna require Rack to act or be embarrassed.
      • Rucky can have fun. Because they're water agents, call them to the beach or the aqua.
  4. Don't play games with Racks.Изображение с названием Date a Cancer Step 3 People of this sign feel very well when they're being manipulated, so don't pretend to be inaccessible, don't make them run after themselves and use any other tricks. They'll know you're smart.
    • If Rack trusts you, he will always speak directly to you. Answer him the same. If you're trying to create some kind of special image of yourself, trying to be mysterious or mysterious, don't waste your time, Rick sees you coming out. And even if you try to hide your emotions, you won't be able to.
  5. Create an atmosphere for Rack so he can feel at home. Raki likes to be home, and the family and the home environment mean a lot to them. They usually prefer to spend time at their house, but if you can make them comfortable anywhere, you'll think you've won them. Allow them to stay at your house and dispose freely of this space.
    • Tell Ruck about your family. Stress the importance of family relations and ties, let me know that you are a family man. It'll be important to know that you're alike in this, because for your romantic partner, the family is an important asset, and there's little that can change that.
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