У довольной женщины прекрасный

Quantities Of Male And Female Relations

Лучшие цитаты, статусы, афоризмы, высказывания о мужчинах. Каким должен быть настоящий мужчина.A real man has nothing to prove to anyone!

A man needs to constantly create problems for himself, training situations that need to be tense. Create and overcome. And then he'll form like a man. Alexander Ipatov

The perfect man is the person who creates events, not their consumer. Alena Ahmadullin

It's the rule of a real man, don't bother!
Second rule, if you're done, fix it!

The sign of a real man is not the suffering he suffered. And the lessons he learned from the suffering. Rodrigo Borgia

A man with a sense of his own dignity and mind is never unimaginable. Jean Labrüier

The real man's wealth is not a substitute for the wealth of the soul.

The real man is loyal, tender, soulful and caring! Not a rough cheater, a tyrant... It's best to be surprised and up for just one woman than to go left and be a midnight in everything and for everyone...

Rehab your son as you wish to see your daughter's husband.

A real gentleman is someone who always calls a cat even if he tripped and fell.

A real man dresses better than he's doing worse.

Perfect man: he doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke, he doesn't play races, never argues, never wrong, everything does perfect... and doesn't exist.

In a man's life, there are moments when he must be a fool. A man must for once refuse a woman... or no sense of life. Constantine Rykin

The thing is that a man can do for a woman. Measuring this thing is what a woman can do for a man. Tatiana Anngolz

Men feel mentally lifted and forcefully when they feel like they need...
Women feel mentally lifted and forcefully when they feel they have someone to take care of them. John Grey. Mars men, Venus women

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