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Relationship Between Men And Women Quotations

Цитаты Коко ШанельShe was the leading French modeler, her modernism, her simplicity in shaping clothes, made her the most important figure of the twentieth century in the fashion world. Coco can be boldly called the queen of fashion. Her quotes conquer both the world and the individual.

Coco Chanel's best quote on citata.in:
. You can't call fashion if you don't wear it on the street.

. Hands are a girl's card; Shea is her passport; The breast is a foreign passport.

∙ Women who do not enjoy the spirits are very self-confided women, because the shaft of well-founded spirits, which attracts a beautiful lady, always matches the image it creates, not the last but sometimes even the first role.

. There are no beautiful women, there are lazy women.

. I don't like long jackets - when I talk to a man, I don't see how he treats me.

. There's no reason for destinies to be removed.

. I made clothes for women around the world, and now they're trying to walk naked.

. I only have one unsatisfactory curiosity-- death.

. Choose accessories, take off what you put on the last one.

. People are not interested in fashion, but only the few who make it.

. Young fashion is pleonasm, old fashion never happens.

. If God is a man, then a man is a god.

. Sex is the most important thing in a man's life, and a woman is only a means.

. Your face is given to you in 20 years; what it will be at 50 depends on you.

. Poverty is not the opposite of luxury.

. Losing him, I lost everything.

. He became the greatest luck in my life: I found him in the face of a man who didn't demoralize me... He knew how to develop my uniqueness at the expense of everything else.

. Not every woman is born beautiful, but if she hasn't been like this by 30 years, she's just stupid.

. Look for a woman in the dress. If there's no woman, there's no dress.

. The worse the girl has, the better she has to look.

. Every girl should always know two things: what she wants and who she wants.

. If the girl doesn't show up, she's too high on herself.

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