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Clothing Plants

Уход за азалиейAzalia's a very crustworthy flower. But when the flower is really beautiful. The warm regions raise it as a garden plant. Cold regions, on the other hand, house it.

Naturally, large areas of Europe, North America and Asia can be found. Japan considers the production of this flower to be a whole cult. The flower became popular at the beginning of the twentieth century. They were raised in botanical gardens, various pets.

The azalia is now spreading the environment of room plants, and is very demanding because of its unusually beautiful flower.Уход за цветком азалия But there are some serious details of leaving, and before we start this flower home, we need to see the rules.

It's not easy to follow this flower. If you've only learned the skills of the flower, you'll find it very difficult to take care of the azalius. You just need to know. Care rules For azalius, for the best effect. The flower will be a pleasure for you to be a big flower and a long time.

Azale flower

растение следует удерживать от попадания прямого солнечного светаTemperature mode: the most appropriate plant temperature is about 10 to 15 degrees. The creation of such a temperature is not a simple matter, namely, summer knowledge, the problem is most relevant. In summertime, the flow of azali is rare. It's just enough to put a plant in the shadows without allowing sunlights.

It's recommended to wear a hoodie over the top of the mountain. This is done to protect the plant from harmful insects. The plant should be maintained at a low temperature of about 6 to 8 degrees, gradually increasing to 12 to 15 degrees before the buoyancy.

Light: The plant should be kept from the direct sunlight, without looking at the love of the azali to the sun.

Pole: soil should be maintained in wet condition, but not in some cases wetting. Use the soft water for the olive. You can store water in the steel snow or use rainwater. If the plant is strangled, it throws leaf and flower. It's worth a try to dilute the water with lemon juice, about 10 drops to a litre of water. The breeding feels good.

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