Замиокулькас на кухне

Communal Crop Of Caring

растение замиокулькас


Aroid family. The birth of the flower is a mild form of desert sparks in Africa, where it grows together with other succulents, plants that can store moisture in meat stacks, leaves and roots that these plants use during drought.

Zamokulkas has a large underground tuber, quite large leaf leaves, covered by a skyscraper. The leave of the peripheral, straight-up, is on the fat, butchered hair. All parts of this plant are adapted to provide water for long-term drought. The zamioculus has a fairly rare phenomenon, especially in room conditions. The color of the mitoculus reminds the chuts where light, small, non-visual flowers are collected. The gloves themselves form in the lower part of the plant and cover the green wing, so little.уход за замиокулькасом It's going to grow slowly, but an adult plant grows up to one metre high, so it's more suitable for large spaces, although as a single plant steals any interior.


How room plant We've been cultivated relatively recently, and we're not often able to buy a flux in flower shops. This plant is very suitable for our apartments where central heating creates dry air in the apartments near the deserts. In addition, the plant is very uncomfortable.цветок замиокулькас It can be forgotten to rinse, it carries a bright sun and a slight stint, a sufficiently wide range of temperatures (from +12 degrees winter to +30 and above summer). Zamiaculkas don't need to be sprayed, although spraying does not cause any harm. The answer to the question: " How to take care of the tempoculus? " is simple, the tempoculus loves warm, bright light, very moderate tidal. He doesn't like raw materials, especially at low temperatures, so we need to drip in the summer as the earth coma swells and winters not more than 1-2 times a month.

The best place in the gymnasium is the window window window window window, but it won't be on the north side.пересадка замиокулькаса It is true that the leaves in the plant will be slightly smaller, and it will be much smaller. The summer flower is good at the balcony.

It's going to be slow, so you don't need to cross it often, but still when you fill the roots of the mountain, for the mocking of the transplant It's very desirable. When you're transplanted, you can't get tubers deep into the ground. They must be slightly visible on the surface.

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