Замиокулькас (Zamioculcas)

Communal Plants Leaving

A beautiful, eternally green plant with shiny, meaty dark green leaves. With good care, the plant reaches 1 to 1, 5 metres long and has already established itself as one of the most beautiful and noble room plants.
In a green beauty spark with a powerful strawberry root, it's called a mere longitudinal or monetary plant. Guess what plant this is about! Yeah, really, it's the kind of thing that a lot of plants like.
The country ' s long-distance solar Africa and Madagascar ' s Dollar Tree quickly shore-stricken domestic fervents. So, according to some Fen-Shui canons, to attract financial returns to your house (or office), it is necessary to place this plant in the south-east, into the so-called wealth sector, and to activate the talismana a few coins in the land.
First thing, you can keep the adaptation period around two or three weeks. Then you can boldly get involved in a plant transplant, given the time of the year and the age of your green beloved. Give special attention to the choice of a pot. It is not recommended that ceramic mountains be used, the plant may die because of a lack of space. It's best to choose a pot for a plant, not in height, but in width, because it's very difficult to get a plant from a narrow and long mountain when it's necessary to transplant it. Ideally, it shouldn't be too big or narrow.
Once the shape of the mountain is chosen, it is necessary to move towards the creation of a ceramic drain. You can buy it in specialized flowers stores. It is best to plant a mocking on the bottom of the capacity of the fraction of the middle-size keramsit, 10 to 20 mm diameter. A large layer of sand is added at the top, which will be about 1/2 of the total volume. The trans-shipment of young plants should be carried out annually. The young plant is overwhelmed into a pot, which is just over the previous one.

(LAUGHS) This needs to be done cautiously, using gloves, because plant juice is toxic.

However, the procedure should not affect the native coma. The prepared fresh ground shall be added, taking into account the capacity of the new receptacle. Remember that the trans-shipment of old plants should take place as necessary. You may be told to change your form of plastic pot.

However, the ecstasy plant, the domestic flower, was not only in love with its effective monetary " externality " , but also for its very unsatisfactory care. It means that it can be recommended by both experienced flowers and newcomers.
Speaking of feeding! It is desirable to start feeding the plant later in the spring and summer, from mid-April to September. In the fall and winter, the plant cannot be fed. For feeding, fertilizers recommended for succulents and cactus shall be used.

Timely spray the plant with a mittance and wipe the rounds of dirt and dust. Keep an eye on the plant. Take the flower out for fresh air in the summer, it'll feel fine. The summer's flooding should be as the soil is drying, as the tide leads to root rotting.

The most important thing to remember is that the tempoculum loves: bright, scattered light, warm and moderate bay.
What he doesn't like is raw materials, low temperatures, so it's necessary to polish the plant in the summer as the land is dry and not more than two times in winter months.

♪ The best part of the " longwood " is growing in a bright spot at the windows of the west and east.
♪ Put your friend closer to the window in winter.
♪ After a pasmoor winter, the plant should be taught to straight sun rays gradually to avoid sunburns.
♪ Let the soil be dryer than wet.
♪ In summer days, you put a plant on a balcony, garden, i.e. open air.
♪ Don't forget to wipe and spray the leaves of the plant.
♪ Between April and August, every two weeks, the plant needs a feed. (This may be cactus and succulent fertilizers).
♪ A place for a plant is better to choose where there is no direct sunlight, otherwise sunburn may occur on the leaves.
♪ Every two years of spring, adult plants need to be rebuilt.
♪ If the plant is in the garden all summer or in the open sky, it's not necessary to rinse it, it'll be enough to take the rainbow.
♪ Soil must be enriched by mineral and organic substances consisting of wood, peat, leaf and sand.
♪ Gorschok must be responsible for the root system of the chemistula (i.e., to be quite wide).
♪ Fat and meat stalks need a backup or they can start falling down.
♪ For the water, use only soft, stable water.
The multiplication of permeculus and home care is difficult, but real. There are several ways to multiply, or more than three: black, bush split and leaf.

The bigger the part you choose for reproduction, the sooner you see the result. Large plates and kernels shall be reinforced in mixtures of sand and peat (1:1) in a warm space with dispersed lighting, under the cover of glass or polyethylene. In this context, leaflets begin to form a rounded strawberries body that develops kidneys and roots. In a plant pot, a thermal effect can be created by, for example, placing a super bank.

The state of rest for our room plant was always winter and deep autumn. During this period, it is necessary to treat the castle with special attention, tidy it down and keep it in a relative chill about 16 degrees Celsius, if there is any possibility, display it as close as possible to the light. In the summer, in half-day heat, the plant should be stored with a scattered light, at 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, avoiding direct solar beams that could cause plant burns.

Between spring and fall, the plant should be dried in moderate quantities (before the upper layer is fully dry). Weekly, at all times of the year, we need to control the water stack in the soil. It's important she doesn't get tired. Air humidity does not play a significant role, plants transport dry apartment air well.

First of all, mimulkas is a plant that needs attention. What this plant doesn't like is a sharp change of temperature or low temperatures, crossroads. He may have a sense of confusion on leaves. Insufficient light can lead to the extraction of the plant. Leaf fatalities may be caused by mechanical damage, and the excessive tidal at low temperature may result in stalking and even roots.

Most often, the plant dies when it suffers from a rebate of moisture, with too many spills. It also suffers from a lack of sunlight, especially in winter. Direct sunlight may result in burns on leaves. The transplant into severe glinist soil, where the vagina is virtually evaporated, will also not benefit these plants.

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