красивая драцена


Драцена. Уход и выращивание в домашних условиях. Пересадка и размножениеThere is a view that the drama queen, or what they call it, the tree dragon, has acquired its unusual name because of the red juice that resembles the dragon's blood. But there's a different name, "the hinds of the tail," although it's hardly because of a similarity to the dragon tail. Anyway, don't call a drama queen, Care rules She won't change.

Drazen, regardless of its variety, and there are many, very unstable plants in terms of cultivation and care. The most popular view of us is... Marginate or occupiedУход и выращивание драцены в домашних условиях Anyone, even the most inexperienced flower, can easily take care of it, only a few uncomplicated rules must be observed. So what are they?

Lighting and temperature

Somehow there's a perception that a drama queen is a shadow plant that's not exactly true. Yeah, she's moving half a day, but in a dark place, she won't develop and grow.Пересадка «драконьего дерева» производится каждые 2-3 года в весенний период Drazen loves light, not direct sunlight, but good lighting, including artificial light. Temperature for her maintenance is better chosen to be moderate. The winter drazen prefers cool temperatures (approximately 10 to 15 degrees) and in the summer it will be perfect for a warm place in the fresh air, most importantly not under direct sunlight.

Air and humidity

With regard to the pond, the drama queen is very fond of the moisture, so in the summer it needs to be polished because it doesn't move when the land is dryed and made of comas, but it doesn't have to be plunged into the plant.

The winter tidal strength will determine the temperature of the room where the drazen is located: if the air is dry, the verse must be strong, preferably even with additional leaf spraying and cold water. In addition, this will help to avoid the emergence of plant-based “terrorists”, a web site and shields that are actively developed with dry air. It is important to maintain humidity in the room at one level.

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