Уход за комнатными растениями

Reception Of Room Plants In Winter

Уход за цветами зимойWhen winter comes, most of the room plants start to get sick and smell, all summer they felt great, and they welcomed us with their flower and beauty, but now they need our help, and there is a need for an individual approach to each plant. However, there are common problems that affect almost all room plants: low humidity and lower air temperatures.

That's why. Room care The colors of the winter must be special and caring, and then they'll feel good all winter, and the tweet will also be in spite of a short light day and winter cold.

How to take care of the colors of the winter house.

Now, from saving the flowers from the cold, we should start winter care: in many of our apartments, the winter is not as warm and comfortable as we wish. The reasons for this are sufficient, and one of them is crossroads: quality plastic windows are not yet available to everyone, and ordinary wooden frames are almost always cold. The old windows where there are cheeks should be glued, since you can't change them yet, and the flowers move them so that their leaves don't touch the cold windows, it's because of this winter leave and the flower often eats and falls. If there's a possibility, it's better to place on the winter, but not on the underground, especially the warm-up species.

If the flowers stay on the windows and the apartment is still cold, the flower pots must be warmed up, at least put them on the foam. It's better, of course, to put all the pots in a simple wooden box filled with a foam powder, or to put a soft, warm tissue between the mountains.

In cases where this condition is unfulfilled - for example, because of the closeness of the apartment, you have to choose to plant flowers not gly pots, but plastics, they'll be a little warmer.

The warmer room plants in the winter should not be kept on the window, they need to be removed where they are warmer, but they must have enough light. Turning the flowers must be regular: in winter it is particularly difficult to catch sunlight because the sun does not rise as high as summer. As soon as you notice that the leaves of the room plants have become yellow and fall, you will immediately put them in a warmer place. However, it is often not necessary to transfer flowers: they are " habitually " to a certain place, and permanent movements may worsen their condition.

Уход за цветами зимой

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