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Unnecessary Plants

Комнатные растения в интерьереHello, everyone! It's hard to believe that today is 31 August! Let's not be sad, let's leave this ungrateful school business... We'd better figure out how to move the summer to our cozy apartments. What else could the interior be so revived if it wasn't the flowers in the beautiful mountains? I love living room plants! But unfortunately, our love is not mutual... It's hard to remember how many poor plants have come from my excessive love. I finally started growing roses, orchids and other cyclings once and for all, deciding to stop at something simple. I'm sure the subject of today's article is the most unabated and uncomfortable space plants, not only for me, but also for many of our blog readers.

The most Infant room plants

You can reboot these plants once a few years, they're fine with the dry air of urban apartments, the lack of light and the irregularity of the water. Well, what's needed for employed people, everyone who regularly leaves, and freshmen in horticulture.


That's what they call all plants with fat butcher leaves holding moisture. The succulents have a large number of species, but the principles of their care are roughly the same: good drain, moderate tidal, sunlight or good lighting.

In addition, in the original mountains gathered in beautiful composions, the succulents will steal any interior.Самые неприхотливые растения, суккуленты The lovers of these alien plants create real works of art.

There's just some kind of uncomfortable succulents:


Unbelievablely beautiful plant! The bright bells (kstats, the most relevant flowers this year) on the fine branches. Fuxia doesn't like the direct sunlight, which is still a little bit in urban apartments, well transports the dry air, prefers the vault.


A beautiful tropical plant with such a high degree of survival in apartments and offices that even I've had a wilderness! Loves the tidal and the good dispersed light.

Самые неприхотливые растения, суккуленты Самые неприхотливые растения Самые неприхотливые растения
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